Concept Catalog

By popular demand, here you’ll find an updated list of all concepts pitched at Athena events. For both WikiWardroom and Waterfront Athena Two, the data are limited because the events pre-date this blog (read: we’re working on digging it up!).

That said, the ideas pitched at the remaining events are below, arranged by concept name, description, point of contact and current status. If you would like more information about any of these projects or desire to be virtually connected to the concept POC, please e-mail us at or connect with us on our Facebook page!

WikiWardroom (Athena One), San Diego
Ensigns to Ensigns (E2E) Build a collaborative network between ships, with Ensigns training other Ensigns ENS Isaac Chase Executed in SD, 2013
SWO Service Obligations Increase SWO commitment to 10 years, reduce unnecessary SWO Jobs LTJG James Martin, LTJG Solomon Lu White Paper Drafted
Waterfront Athena Two, San Diego
Environmental Acoustic Recognition System (EARS) Adapt the Army’s Boomerang technology for use by vessels in restricted visibility ENS Robert McClenning Prototyped by USC ICT Sims Winner, Athena Two
Illumination Program to local assessments of programs overlaid atop a command’s schedule through a training cycle LTJG Kaitilin O’Donnell Instruction drafted for implementation Third Place
TheGrid Mobile application to allow Naval Personnel to connect through location based services, bulletin boards and IM capabilities LT Dave Nobles N/A Runner Up
Waterfront Athena Three, Modern Times Brewery, San Diego – October 25, 2013
Psychology-Driven Division Officer Assessments Surveys to allow a true 360 degree feedback session for Division Officers, modeled after the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator LTJG Kailtin O’Donnell N/A
Hydro Wave Power Generator Utilize cranks and netting in littorals to build a network of power generators. ET2 Erika Johnson N/A
Peer Resource Sharing Construct a sharepoint-like system for naval personnel to sharre lessons learned, updated messages and recent notices. LTJG Sarah Eggleston N/A
BENFOLD University CLEP Sailors teaching Sailors onboard ship, providing knowledge and resources to allow students to prepare for the college level examination program STG2 Gina Stevens BENFOLD University executed, 2013
Active Sonar Defense Utilize reciprocal noise generation to schips’ sonar to act as a defense against active prosecution ENS Joshua Corpus N/A
Optical Database and Information Network (ODIN) Integrate electro optical data and utilize an algorithm to identify nearby surface contacts for operators FC2 Michael Owen, FC2 Robert VanAllen, FC2 Lisa Stamp Presented to ONR Tech Solutions, Assisted by SSC PAC Sims Winner, Athena Three
Electronic Division Officer Notebook Leverage existing technology (i.e. NEAT Scanner) to digitize contents of division officers’ personnel notebooks. LTJG Isaac Wang N/A
CosmoGator Automate celestial navigation by installing a gyro synchronized camera on ships LT Bill Hughes CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell Project Runner Up
SCAT Tactical HUD Utilize Augmented Reality glasses for Crew Served Weapons operators and tablet control for the ATTWO in the Pilot House to more effectively employ a ship’s Small Caliber Action Team ENS Robert McClenning, FC1 William Steele, FC2 Amanda Curfew, FC2 Justin Lagenor, GM3 Jacob Niessen Discussions with NPS Third Place
Metal Alloys For Energy Augment power needs by using new alloys that convert heat into energy. GSM2 Robertson Acido N/A
Waterfront Athena Four, Ballast Point Brewery, San Diego – February 13, 2014
Veteran’s Employment Transition Software (VETS) Application for prospective employers to find military veterans to hire in open positions, matching seekers with employers through metrics such as primary duties, collateral duties, education and performance evaluations leading to smarter placement. FCC Christopher Roberts Prototype in progres
Re-Usable Packaging New storage containters t oprevent electro-static discharge and save money. LTJG Isaac Wang N/A
Tankless Water Heaters Utilize commercially available “Flash Hot Water Heaters” to instantly heat water without the need of a water tank. ENS Tom Baker Testing in progress via iENCON and CNSF Third Place
3D Printing for Material Validations Employ visual recognition software to revolutionize equipment validations and parts replacement for shipboard systems CMDCM Sean Snyder N/A
MILES Technology for Navy Training Use of the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System to inject realism into the Navy’s AT/FP training onboard ships and commands ETC Michael Lewisson Discussions of feasibility with CUBIC Corporation Runner Up
Virtual Reality for CIC Watchstanders Use existing virtual reality technology and ships’ optical sensors to assist in building a common operational picture GMC Kyle Zimmerman Preliminary system architecture design in progress with SSC PAC Pitched at Learn Warfighter Needs Workshop
Software Systems Integration Integrate tablets into maintenance, replacement part ordering, training and spot checks CTT2 Anna Nothnagel Prototyped by Lockheed Martin Prototype presented at Athena Five
Logic Training for Sailors Teach courses on logic to enhance sailor decision making, validate implementation through a control command. ET2 Erika Johnson N/A
PartnerShips Build a network of Sailors and Scientists through “pen pal-style” alliances to bridge the gap between the two entities and enhance innovation LTJG Kaitlin O’Donnell, LT Dave Nobles Active program with more than a dozen current PartnerShips Sims Winner, Athena Four
Waterfront Athena Five, Societe Brewing Company, San Diego – May 30, 2014
Electrical Safety Tool Adapt the old-school, government-issue pen technique for removing peanut bulbs from equipment into a 3D printed, insulated model to reduce manhours wasted in tagging equipment out and enhance safety EM2 Susan Pavao Prototyped by SSC PAC Sims Winner, Athena Five
Shipboard Energy Competition Measure and display ships’ energy consumption across the waterfront to spur competition in reducing usage through gamification FCC Christopher Roberts N/A Runner Up
Real-Time Maintenance Apply QR-codes to shipboard equipment and image recognition software to ensure that requirements on maintenance cards are always updated LTJG Isaac Wang N/A Third Place
Solar Roadways Replace roads onboard naval installations with solar roadways to augment energy, provide drivers alerts through LED lighting and prevent snow and ice buildup. SN John Fellows N/A
Integrated Accountability System Utilize scanners and computers to allow Sailors to customize schedules and improve accountability STGC Scott Christ N/A
Interships for Sailors Provide opportunities for mastery within the Navy’s officer and enlisted ranks by creating billets for Sailors to intern in corporate organizations and return to the Fleet with valuable information to train peers. CDR Michele Day Similar concept implemented by SECNAV’s Industry Tour initiative, 2015
Anti-Torpedo Countermeasure Torpedo-tube-launched countermeasure that would propel to a pre-set depth and deploy an underwater net propelled at the corners to “catch” enemy torpedoes STG3 Michael Zujkowski N/A
Fleet Tactical Talk to Text Employ voice recognition software to decode messages relayed through the code-word-laden FLTTAC circuit LTJG Robert McClenning N/A
Motorcycle Buyback Program Institute a program wherein the Navy would buyback used motorcycles from servicemembers to encourage alternate modes of transportation FC2 Zachary Quirk, FC3 Adam Roter N/A
“No More Waiting” Adapt technology from restaurant industry to allow “check ins” for meetings with superiors and enable buzzers to let Sailors know when it was their time to meet. ENS Claire Calkins, ENS Nick Mann N/A
UAV Integration Utilize hardened, ship-launched UAVs to extend the range of ships’ surface search radars ENS Paul Paquariello N/A
Athena East, Old Dominion University, Norfolk – September 12, 2014
Ordnance Disposal Safely and cost effectively help with unexploded ordnance disposal in third world countries by constructing disposal stations and cause explosions to go up and not out LT Deward Cummings Prototype Developed Sims Winner, Athena East
Scan to Issue Use scanning and reduce physical paperwork by storing forms digitally LS3 Michael Crowley N/A
Super Oscar Create a weighted GPS doll to help Sailors train to recover shipmates that could fall overboard OS1 Daniel Puff N/A
Solar Energy Collection Collecting solar energy in a small package, augmenting power consumption at military installations DC1 Nisha Witt Designed and implemented
Drone Decoys Drones to help draw hostile anti-ship cruise missiles away from ships to reduce the possibility of a major casualty LT Matthew Hipple N/A
Fixing the Evlauation System Change the way that the Navy evaluates Sailors by adding categories in education and fitness AT3 Katherine Wolfsberger Evaluation changes forthcoming through SECNAV TFI initiatives.
Waterfront Athena Six, Coronado Brewing Company, San Diego – October 10, 2014
“The Effing Awesome 7000” Adapter for box fans (shipboard desmoking fans) to connect to elephant trunks (hoses used to transport smoke topside) allowing smoked-out spaces to be cleared in half the time. ENS Jason Benning, DCC Jake Wright Prototype developed and tested Sims Winner, Athena Six
SPY Ladder Affix brackets and a removeable ladder to ships to allow Sailors to reduce maintenance and scaffolding costs for SPY Arrays LTJG Adam Levine N/A Runner Up
Jamming Drones VLS-launched UAVs that would employ jamming technology to seduce anti-ship cruise missiles away from ships FC3 Josh Wade, FCSN Dallas Baranosky N/A Third Place
Spray On PCMS Utilize an aerosol version of radar-cross-section reducing countermeasure system CTTSN Lucas Amido N/A
Shipboard Robotics Club Create a robotics club onboard ships to help develop technical skills and compete against other commands and community clubs IC3 Katie Rogers, FC2 Michael Owen N/A
Pigeons for Bandwidth Solve data latency issues at sea by using trained pigeons to transfer data packages between units Dr. Sunny Fugate N/A
eyePARTS Build a visual database of all parts associated with systems to enable a camera-based program to sewarch for systems based on a photo of a specific part LSSN Vashti Kronaizl N/A
Super Commo Proposal for communication officers to be second-tour division officers because of the relative importance of communications (both voice and data) to the mission LTJG James Martin White Paper developed
Virtual Flight Academy Determine the best candidates for aviation before arrival at flight school by providing exercises and tests for prospective pilots at younger ages Flack McGuire Prototype Developed
3M Billets Proposal to form a maintenance and material management division onboard ships to reduce the administrative burden on workcenter supervisors and maintenance technicians HM3 Michael Gardner N/A
Athena Northwest 1.0, Sam Adams Brewhouse, Bremerton – November 25, 2014
Deck and Tile Glue Save the navy money on deck and tile glue by using a better applicator tool and a MILSPEC equivalent glue AOC Ralph Linkenhoker Implementation feasibility study in progress Sims Winner, Athena NW 1.0
Commercial Cellular Technology to interface with the Navy’s GIS Use a cellular interface for shore-based installations to connect to the Navy’s Geographic Information System Steve McKee N/A
Tactical Administration Modular, adaptable, electronic software suite of administrative applications that would synchroinize and affort interaction LT Jason Kardos N/A
3D Printing and Manufacturing Utilizing commercial 3D printing technology onboard ships Kyle Morris CRIC “Print the Fleet” initiative involves several aspects
3D Sensing, Modeling and AR for Maintenance Utilize two video cameras and commercially available software to map shipboard spaces three-dimensionally and gain assistance from Shore Based units. Eric Jensen N/A Third Place
Inspiring a Collaborative Workforce Open events to include entitites of the DoD to enchance relationships between active duty and DoD civilians ABF3 Jonte Johnson N/A
Protable and Reconfigurable Job Kitting Organized tool “backpack” that unzips to fold out flat and easily hangs on angle irons or pipes to allow Sailors access to tools while working in cumbersome spaces Vince Stamper Prototype developed Runner Up
Organizational Physiology Utilize devices similar to Fitbits to measure a team’s individual and collective stress levels that would lead to in increased understanding of team dynamics, leadership and educational influences. LCDR Drew Barker N/A
Athena Northwest 2.0, Coffee Oasis, Bremerton, WA – February, 2015
Quick Acting Watertight Door Mechanism Modify watertight doors to allow Sailors to close the door with their foot to increase safety MA1 Scott Grettum Prototype Developed, patent pursuit in progress
Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series Shipboard lecture series to enhance junior Sailors’ knowledge of leadership and innovation practices ET3 Ben Brehm Trial Run onboard USS JOHN C. STENNIS
Zone Inspection Reality Gap Develop a collaborative solution to more efficiently fix material discrepancies by changing zone inspection procedures CTR2 Michael Alvarado, CTT3 Brandon Jeanpaul Concept refinement in progress onboard USS NIMITZ
Alternative for Emergency Escape Breathing Devices Modify SCBA masks for utilization as emergency escape breathing devices, replacing shipboard EEBDs and MCU-2P gas masks LT Daniel Conley N/A
Navy Knowledge Share Combine the efforts of YouTube, Facebook and Khan Academy into a single knowledge sharing platform LCDR Andrew Young N/A
Open Market for Ship Store Purchases Change policy to permit open purchase for non-mission essential items and allow ships store stockers to better respond to Sailor demand ENS Charles Kijek N/A
Rapid and Accurate Radiography Setup for Hull Penetrations Improve the accuracy, efficiency, and setup time required to perform radiography of ship hull penetrations to reduce costs and provide more in-depth analysis. Michael O’Connell Prototype Developed and tested Sims Winner, Athena NW 2.0
Shipboard Operational and Maintenance Manning Rotation Implement a system to build proficiency by billeting Sailors to build on ancillary tasks ENS Jonathan Shawbell N/A
Waterfront Athena Seven, Mike Hess Brewery, San Diego – April 24, 2015
Phone and Distance Line Optimization Reimagine the P&D line by installing automatically tensioning elements to a physical line to reduce manpower and installing a laser-range finder with bridge repeater for use during underway replenishments STG2 Richard Coronado Prototype in progress Sims Winner, Athena Seven
Zebra Chips Install sensors at zebra fittings to allow centralized command stations to verify the setting of increased material conditions of readiness OS1 Victoria Shearer N/A Runner Up
P2: Password Protector Devlop an application to manage passwords while still providing encryption, adapting from online banking technology ENS Claire Calkins N/A
Terminal System Install “punch boxes” onboard ships at various locations to more easily locate Sailors, and allow first-responders capability to find casualties through RFID technology EMFR Ryan Gough N/A
Equipment Imaging System Create an updated, clarified and interactive 3M Discrepancy Log OSSA Jason Bardin N/A
Outstanding Sweeper Install vacuum vents on low-levels of shipboard bulkheads to reduce dust buildup onboard ships and filter the dust through HEPA filters. FC2 Ryan Rackley N/A
Battle Lantern Upgrade Modify shipboard battle lanterns to make the wires within each system a “quick connect” system to eliminate the need to cut, strip and splice wires together FC2 Eric Larson N/A
Air Squeegee Install a stainless steel tube with air jets to efficiently dry towed sonar arrays and associated cabling upon retrieval STG1 Mike Butcher Prototype Developed Third Place
The Corps Create an “infantry-like” rate for Sailors that want to perform VBSS- or MEU-styled billets onboard amphibious ships SN Vu, Ben Iwan N/A
Needle Gun Improvement Reinvent the shipboard needle gun by providing a variety of fittings with a piston design BMSR Robert Dorsey N/A
Bomb Robot Create a robot with gecko treads and triangular wheel bearings to navigate shipboard spaces to find flame filled environments and chemically-contaminated areas IC3 Katie Rogers N/A
Waste to Energy Engine Leverage Swedish technology to convert waste to energy to augment shipboard energy usage QM1 Walls N/A
Athena Northwest 3.0, Samuel Adams Brewhouse, Bremerton – May 15, 2015
PFA Reboot Create equality in PFA standards by employing commercially available technology to more accurately measure body fat Deborah Sagapolutele N/A
Recycling Program Improve recylcling programs onboard bases by providing faciliies on the pier to keep recylcable s sorted and processed John Broussard N/A Admiral Sims Winner
Redesign PPE Create job-site safety clothing and equipment for those overcoming disabilities to expertly perform their trades in the shipyard. Ben Paddock N/A
New Torque Tool Custom tool to ensure safe and exact torque applications in rigging William Mooney Prototype Developed
Inspection Camera on a Stick Use commercially available technology and leverage private sector knowledge to design an optical tool to inspect and take measurements of spaces too small for easy access John Albrecht
Printer Ink and Toner Default Setting Change Double print cartridge life by setting toner default to mid-grade at installation. Savings of nearly $1,000 a year per printer. AZAN Scott Bonk
Smart Device Trivia Based App for Professional Knowledge Development Turn triva app into professional studies. AO3 Brianna Frenette
Hull climbing surveyor robot Utilize survey a hull-climbing robot already purchased by PSNS Shipyard to do survey work. Chris Stone
Healthy input/Healthy output Expand Shipyard food options to include more wholesome food to include whole fruits, vegetables, and hearty grains. Mandi McCrae and Allison Westergard
Distinguished Sailor Exploration Program Create a program to send several high performing Sailors to visit area industry, education, and government leaders once a quarter to learn their leadership, process development, management, and improvement strategies. ABF3 Jonte Johnson
ATHENA Jacksonville 1.0, Bunker Jacksonville, Jacksonville – October 29, 2015
Electronic Admin Routing Route all paperwork electronically using technology currently available to the government ET2 Danielle Walters Admiral Sims Winner
Cognitive Passwords Use emojis with a layered password construct that goes beyond biometrics and are linked to personal events or opinions. FC1 Chris Darby
PME on NKO Enhance Professional Military Education opportunities available to enlisted online. IT2 Brendan Rodgers
Craigslist for the ship Create web based bullitin board for Sailors to be able to exchange information about items for sale, knowledge to share, etc. FC2 Dean Loverde
360 Enlisted Evals Add data from subordinates and supervisors to evaluation process. ET3 Patrick Fisher
Recycling Profits Recycle ship metals and use profits to sponsor MWR. IC2 Robert Moore
ATHENA East 2.0, Norfolk, VA – October 2nd, 2015
Headset Adaptors Create an adaptor that would allow Sailors to bring their own gaming headsets (or even iPhone earbuds) to watch, improving all the areas that had previously been Sailor gripes FC2(SW) Aaron Vickers Admiral Sims Winner
Vehicle Washdown System Create a fresh-water washdown system for vehicles entering the ramp of amphibious ships CWO2 Steve Sturm
Future Leadership Enhancement Training (FLEET) Create an education continuum for 2nd Class Petty Officers aspiring to become 1st Class and Leading Petty Officers. FC1(SW) Robert Williams
Flight Schedule Automation Use software to optimize flight schedules. LT Peter Barkley Prototype developed
Innovation Through Action Bring maker spaces and tools closer to the warfighter. LT Todd Coursey
ATHENA South West 9.0, San Diego, CA – December 4th, 2015
Mobile Application for Command Sponsorship Create an application for mobile technologies (ios, android, blackberry, etc.) for our DoD personnel to connect with their prospective command and give them a concise source for the information they need IT1 Ronald Coleman Prototype developed Admiral Sims Winner
Surface Fleet Shift Work Concept Eliminate the 24hr duty day by incorporating three eight hour overlapping shifts. FCC McKinley Fitzpatrick
Vertical Integration of Admin Program Management By moving program managers designations to the staff,a 74% reduction of the administrative burden for the individual units may be accomplished. LT Josh Sando
Improved Electronic Engineering data and log integration Use a web based automated logging system to bridge gap between smart ship engineering systems and the need to evaluate trends in operating parameters. LCDR Steve Hartley
Virtual Landing Signal Officer (LSO) trainer Use commercial off the shelf virtual reality technology to replace LSO training device. LT Clay Greunke Prototype developed

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