athenaTHINK OKC!

by: LCDR Drew Barker

Look out Oklahoma City!

athenaTHINK graphic2

Learning how to break the proverbial box and create powerful ideas.

The first athenaTHINK event east of the Rockies took place on October 30th at the Tom Steed Community Learning Center at Rose State College. Creating a collaborative space for military members to innovate and support fresh ideas, over thirty military members from the Air Force and the Navy convened along with supportive members of the community  for a three hour course of guided creative immersion aimed at equipping impactful ideas for action.

Attendees learned design thinking, causation mapping, collaborative development, and how to leverage a supportive network.  Providing feedback on the course leaving sticky-notes on the door, attendees remarked “Excellent Course!” “Loved Networking and Collaborative Element,” and “Thanks for the Valuable Tools!”  Those who attended universally communicated a hunger for working alongside a diverse and collaborative group outside their normal work environment to solve difficult problems faced by all in the military.

athenaTHINK pics

Fully involved in creative immersion!

We continually focus on harnessing deckplate innovations to create a cadre of forward-thinking, creatively confident Service Members for tomorrow’s Military.  Their next event in the Oklahoma City Area will take place in January and will be a pitch competition.  Expect exact time and location to be posted here and to the facebook page (

The athenaTHINK event is the first step in creating a collaborative community of military innovation in Central Oklahoma.  Seeking to build synergistic and flexible avenues of support for service members with great ideas, we are bringing together elements from Navy units, Air Force units, a major maintenance depot, and hope to tap into area Army connections as well.  Looking forward to where this community will go!

LCDR Drew Barker is an E-6B Pilot, co-founder of ATHENA Northwest, and current uniformed lead of The ATHENA Project.

There are loads of Athena Events coming up! If you’re in the San Diego, Groton or Yokosuka areas, connect with us if you want to be a part of our upcoming events! Connect with us on Facebook: or follow us on Twitter: @AthenaNavy. Interested in starting a movement of your own? Message us, or e-mail!


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