Waterfront Athena is Tomorrow!

By: LT Dave Nobles


The stage is set for The first Waterfront Athena Project at the Modern Times Brewery Tasting Room — Tomorrow at 12:30PM. The great folks there were good enough to hook up the Dang Brother food truck, so bring an appetite not only for innovation and ideas, but for excellent pizza and great craft beer!

We’ve had quite a few questions about what the event is all about and how it works, so here’s a quick and dirty summary:

The Athenians who have put together ideas will have five minutes to pitch their projects to the crowd. A good pitch consists of the identification of a problem, an idea for an innovative solution and an idea of the action steps necessary to make the idea happen. After the pitch, the floor is open for a five-minute question & answer session with the presenter.

We take powerpoint out of the equation, really aiming to concentrate the pitches for that five minutes. Presenters can bring handouts, tri-folds (science fair style), whiteboards or anything else to get their point across, but NO POWERPOINT!

Each presentation will be evaluated by everyone in the crowd using a five-point scale, based on three factors: Idea Quality, Actionability, and Presentation. After the last pitch, the votes are tallied and the ADM Sims Award Winner is crowned.

Now, since this will be the first Athena experience for many, I’m going to keep the presenters list open until the first project starts, so if you’ve been considering presenting but just aren’t sure you’d be able to make it, you can get in. Just come find me when you get to Modern Times!

For the event, we’ll be doing a Google+ hangout as well, so if you’re not able to make it because you’re not lucky enough to be in Sunny San Diego, California, then you can catch all the happenings on there. We’ll post all the information tomorrow on The Athena Project’s Facebook page.

If Google+ isn’t your thing, and even if you’re at the event, you can connect with your ideas! On Twitter, use #WaterfrontAthena to connect or get in the conversation on the Facebook page!

And finally, if I may make a humble recommendation: If you think that you might not have enough “meat” in your idea to present it, just go with it! The cool part about Athena is that it also brings a network of open-minded thinkers together to help develop your idea! This is what creative confidence is all about!

On this ancient Athenian coin, the AOE stood for "Of The Athenians." And that owl? Yeah: That's Glaucus, the Goddess Athena's pet.

On this ancient Athenian coin, the AOE stood for “Of The Athenians.” And that owl? Yeah: That’s Glaucus, the Goddess Athena’s pet.

As Winston Churchill, who certainly would have been ‘AOE,’ once said: “No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered.”

Except maybe Laser Cats. That’s pretty outlandish.

But hilarious. At least that’s what the Fox says.

Let’s have some fun. See you tomorrow!

You can like Athena on Facebook: www.facebook.com/athenanavy or follow us on Twitter: @AthenaNavy.

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